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Baby, It’s Hot Outside!

South Florida summers are hot, and your plants know it. Nanak’s Landscaping team shares this checklist on how to keep your plants and landscape healthy and beautiful.

We know that it feels like it’s 125+ degrees outside! In truth, the average temperature for the coming week is only slightly lower at just above 90 degrees. While the afternoon showers help, the heat is still stifling and can significantly impact your landscaping. Hopefully, you have prepared by installing the appropriate plants for the season. No matter what, we are sharing a few tips to help you beat the heat in your landscaping.


First things first are the timers. South Florida is known for afternoon showers, but some days and even weeks are heavier than others. That doesn’t mean that your plantings are getting enough H2O. Crispy grass and browning are clear signs that you need to increase watering frequency. There is also an old screwdriver trick: Insert an eight-inch screwdriver into the ground. If you can push it more than three inches below the surface, your landscape does not need to be watered.

To avoid water waste, look for sprinklers that are broken, leaking, tilted, clogged, spraying the sidewalk, and misting versus spraying from too much pressure. Be sure to repair your irrigation system right away. Not only will you be wasting water, but the plantings beyond these broken points will not get what they need.


It may seem like a good idea to lower the blade on the mower to increase the time between cuts, but this can be harmful. Leaving your grass a little longer promotes a healthy root system that will increase drought tolerance, reduce evaporation, and decrease weeds.


Like longer grass, mulch slows evaporation, allowing the soil to drink in the water before it is gone. It also moderates the soil temperature.  Plants can develop a more robust root system, meaning they are more resistant to drought, insects, and disease.

Preparation is key with anything. It is always good to consult with a landscape professional to help with plant selection and installation. Getting beyond design, a landscape professional will look at existing conditions and help you make the proper selections and groupings that can survive the season and extend your budget.

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