Design & Installation

The art of design and the science of horticulture.

A beautifully landscaped site begins with a sound landscape design and careful installation. The designers at Nanak’s Landscaping are passionate and take pride in creating appealing landscapes to complement your property’s unique needs. Similar to interior design, we know that we are setting a tone and creating a lasting impression of your property. Our experts will guide you in choosing the appropriate high-quality plant material, based on factors such as available sunlight, irrigation, drainage, and other environmental factors.

We blend the art of design and the science of horticulture with the professionalism and organization of an established, well-respected landscape firm. With our strategic partnerships with architects, we consider the entire lifecycle including from initial planning to construction documents and installation observation and ongoing maintenance.

Nanak’s Landscaping’s experienced staff will guide you through the landscape installation process from the initial design phase through site survey to material selection and installation while keeping your budget and the long-term health and maintenance of your landscape in mind.

Whether we’re working on a new design, an elaborate renovation, construction of an entire community, or simple site improvement, Nanak’s Landscaping consistently produces attractive, high-quality landscapes throughout South Florida.

When your property needs to deliver more than curb appeal,
turn to Nanak’s – where we go beyond first impressions
to protect the well-being of your investment.

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