Nanak’s achieved an industry milestone by ranking on LM150.

Landscape Management released their list of largest landscape management companies across the country. Nanak’s Landscape is proud to have made the list with the big boys!

The LM150 is a comprehensive study of landscape management companies across the nation. The survey is used to compile trends in operations and climate across the industry.

While two firms account for more than a third of the total revenue generated from the LM150 list, landscape management remains a fragmented industry. According to the Landscape Management publication, the companies on this list make up just 1 percent or less of the businesses in the market. Companies with $5 million-plus in annual revenue to enter.

LM150 firms are quickly approaching $10 billion in combined annual revenue. They grew an average of 12 percent over 2015, and they expect to increase 10 percent this year. Altogether, they employ more than 100,000 year-round and seasonal employees.

Nanak’s Landscaping is headquartered in Deerfield Beach, Florida with 150 full-time and seasonal employees. The company ranked 139 (up from 147!)  with 100% focus on commercial real estate.

We wish to thank our valued clients and team for helping us achieve this milestone.

For more information about LM150, you can visit Landscape Management’s website.

While Nanak’s Landscaping ranks nationally, we understand that our roots are local. We invite you to learn more about Nanak’s and our rich history.  Fee contact Nanak’s Landscaping to learn more about our services for commercial real estate.