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National Association of Landscape Professionals Features Nanak’s in Level Up Series

The National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) is the national trade association representing nearly 100,000 landscape industry professionals in the United States, Canada, and overseas. Their mission is to advocate for lawn and landscape industry growth and the benefits landscape professionals provide to communities. To educate industry professionals and promote the highest level of standards, the association interviews key executives of successful companies in a Level Up series.

Last month, NALP interviewed our CEO, Kevin Hunt, to discuss how Nanak’s has managed to expand landscape services and grow despite the unprecedented challenges presented by COVID-19.

Hunt says being well-positioned in the market and having competitive pricing has helped their company grow over the years. He notes that Southeast Florida is different from other markets in America and Florida and their ability to navigate that and still provide quality service has been a linchpin.

Hunt explains this region doesn’t do 40 services annually. Sometimes it’s 38 services, but usually, it’s 30 to 32.

“You’ve got these very wild service swings,” he says. “It’s not consistent from week to week. It presents a real challenge with scheduling, when you’re on 10-day cycles, as opposed to 7- or 14-day cycles. This is a really strange place in that regard.”

Nanak’s consistency has allowed them to work with the same customers and develop 10-, 15- and 20-year relationships.

Kevin also spoke candidly about the history of growth, challenges we’ve overcome, and Nanak’s current focus.

We invite you to read the entire article here.

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