Deva S. Khalsa became an entrepreneur in 1976 when he moved his family to South Florida. He acquired a fledgling lawn company in Miami. Deva quickly realized that the company’s monthly costs were exceeding the company’s meager monthly income. Undaunted, he went about restructuring the firm in order to bring his vision to fruition. That company, Nanak’s Landscaping, is recognized today as one of the largest landscape contracting companies in the state of Florida.

As Deva restructured, he set out to improve the quality of employees and began working on more notable projects. As the word spread about the quality service and innovative designs the company provided, Nanak’s Landscaping was sought after for landscape maintenance and new plant installation at high-end residential homes. But the Dade market was inconsistent and in order to keep the momentum, Deva sought a different market segment.

In 1982, Nanak’s Landscaping took on its first commercial account. By 1986, the company had moved to the more centrally located Pompano Beach to take advantage of the South Florida building boom. The firm grew steadily and continued to solidify its reputation for quality.


The 1990’s were a difficult time for all landscape maintenance companies in South Florida. Large national firms were consolidating, and buying up small local firms to break into the market. These companies offered comparable service at reduced rates. At the same time, economic woes hit the real estate market very hard. Price became the only deciding factor in considering a landscaper.

As the company’s focus was on quality and customer service, it became difficult to compete on price alone. This combination nearly led to the closing of Nanak’s Landscaping. But the economy’s rebound and a loyal customer base kept the firm alive and proved to be the foundation for the firm’s growth into one of the region’s largest and most respected independent landscape maintenance companies.

In 1998, with the addition of several key people, Deva added the Fertilization, Insect & Disease Control, and Arbor Care divisions. An Irrigation division was added the following year. In 2000, the nursery was acquired and a full-scale installation and design department was established. With the key ingredients in place, the company was then able to provide virtually all landscape related services as well as respond rapidly to clients’ critical needs.


Today, Nanak’s Landscaping employs more than 120 service personnel and continues to be a leader in the South Florida green industry. The company has been recognized by the South Florida Business Journal as one of the largest Landscape companies in Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach and listed as one of the largest Landscape contractors in the country.

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