Green Island Ficus

Low maintenance landscaping. That is a key phrase that we hear most commonly when discussing landscape design and installations. When it comes to hedges, we have become quite fond of the Green Island Ficus.

Don’t let words ‘Ficus’ and ‘hedges’ in the same sentence fool you! This is not the same variety that has earned a bad reputation for attracting white fly and root invasion.  The Green Island Ficus is a slow growing drought and disease resistant plant.

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There is a reason the Florida Nurserymen & Growers’ Association named this Plant of the Year in 2001.

The Green Island Ficus sports deep green, glossy leaves that are similar to a jade plant. It provides a spectacular contrast with other foliage types and colors. The plant is a beautiful backdrop that can handle full sun to partial shade and can be easily maintained at 3” height. It is ideal for Zone 10 (that is our zone!) and soil amendments are not necessary.


From a company that is balances the art of design and the science of horticulture, Nanak’s Landscaping gives the Green Island Ficus a thumbs up.


If you are looking for just the right plant for your landscape, be sure to contact Nanak’s Landscaping.