Garden Spotlight: Ixora

Ixora area a typical plant in the Florida landscape and for a good reason.

The plants possess leathery leaves, ranging from 3 to 6 inches in length. The Ixora produce massive clusters of tiny flowers that bloom year-round thanks to our tropical climate. Flowers are most often found in a coral-pink color. Red, orange, goldenrod and sometimes pale green flowers are not uncommon either. A single flower cluster can last for six
to eight weeks.


This low maintenance plant is a popular choice for hedges.

Ixoras like well-drained soil that is slightly acidic. The standard Ixora, if left unpruned, can reach heights of twelve feet, but in most cases, are used as a foundational plant at 4-6 foot high. Ixora comes in a wide variety and can even be a suitable choice for bonsai!

The best floral show happens when grown in full sun. Also, known as the Flame of the Woods, Ixora is closely related to the exotic Gardenia and Florida’s native wild coffee.

Growing tip:  Test your soil before you plant Ixoras. It’s not a good idea to plant this shrub if your soil is alkaline and mostly sand. If you have Ixora already and need suggestions for a more vigorous bloom, click here for some suggestions.

From an art of design and science of horticulture, Nanak’s Landscaping understands why Ixora is a garden staple.

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