Carmona Retusa

The Carmona Retusa (or Carmona, as we fondly call it) is often used as a bonsai, but in landscaping, it lends itself to being an excellent low-growing shrub that can be manicured.

We’ve started using the Carmona as an alternative to Ilex Vomitoria or the ‘Schilling’s Dwarf, which is a very slow grower and takes forever to fill in when planted. The Carmona grows a little faster than Ilex and provides a similar appearance.

What does it look like? 

The leaves of the Carmona are shiny dark green, and small white flowers can appear almost year around. The plant is also known as the Fukien tea tree or Philippine tea tree. This plant is perfect addition for South Florida landscape as a small hedge or specimen plant.


Take it from a company that is balances the art of design and the science of horticulture, Nanak’s Landscaping likes the way the Carmona plays in the garden.

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