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Pest Alert: Brown Patch Fungus

While most people feel that South Florida does not have seasons, ask any landscaper and they will beg to differ. This is the time of year when we can switch to a more colorful flora that cannot withstand the summer heat. Everything looks a little more vibrant – except that one thing: the occasional brown patch.

What is the brown patch in my grass?

Technically, it is called Rhizoctonia Fungus and is common during the cooler months.

Rhizoctonia can affect warm-season turfgrasses, especially St. Augustine. It’s most likely to be seen from November to May when temperatures fall below 80°F.

It is especially prevalent when there is extended periods of high humidity from rainfall or excessive irrigation. It’s also common when we have the hot-cold temperature cycles that are part of South Florida’s fall and winter seasons. You should know that the roots of the grass are not affected by this pathogen.

Brown patch fungus appears as circular patches in the lawn that are brownish-yellow in color. The patches range from 6 inches to several feet in diameter. It cannot be eradicated but it can be controlled.

What can you do to take care of brown patch?

  • Avoid over-fertilization.
  • Use smart landscape irrigation practices.
  • Apply fungicide, when needed.

While brown patch is common, Nanak’s team takes a proactive stance about turf and plant healthcare. This is something we encounter yearly. With the recent weather we’ve encountered, the fungus cannot be eliminated, but we can work with you to control it.

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